Monday, July 15, 2013

Dragonfly Kisses by Sabrina York

Dragonfly Kisses
Series: Tryst Island #2
Author: Sabrina York
Published: June 2013
Format: eBook only
Source: Author for Review
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Dylan Deveney has no interest in a wild fling. He simply wants a quiet place where he can try to forget a painful past and, barring that, drink himself to death. But when he catches a glimpse of his exquisite neighbor—in the buff—his passion for life reignites.

Cassie French can’t resist Dylan’s allure. From his scruffy beard to his earring to his intriguing dragonfly tattoo, she’s crazy about him. And sex between them is scorching. Everything seems perfect…until a tragedy from Dylan’s past threatens to ruin everything.

* * * * * * * *
Welcome back to Tryst Island! Cassie and the girls are back on the island for a girls only vegan weekend. It was Bella's not-so brilliant idea. *grin* All is going well until Bella and Lucy spot their gorgeous neighbor, Dylan. Little do Bella and Lucy know that while they are ready to pounce, Dylan only has eyes for Cassie. In fact, he's had his eyes on her for quite a while. So when opportunity presents itself, Dylan ends up being the one to pounce. When Cassie tries to be the good friend and not give in to temptation, Dylan is quick to learn the way to his particular girl's heart - BACON! *grin*
For weeks leading up to the release of Dragonfly Kisses, Ms. York kept dropping hints of bacon. Bacon this. Bacon that. Bacon bacon bacon. I kept thinking to myself how on earth is this woman going to work all this bacon into the story. Vegan weekend! Reading about these women eye a slab of bacon after days of Tofu was hysterical. Truthfully, I'd probably be doing the exact same thing. Dragonfly Kisses had Sabrina's usual witty writing, lovable characters, and fantastic banter being thrown at each other.
Dragonfly Kisses was a perfect blend of laugh out loud funny moments and touching scenes of Dylan blaming himself for his daughter's death. I love Sabrina's characters. We only meet them for a brief amount of time, but I can't help myself. I always end up falling for them. Dragonfly Kisses is her strongest character driven book. Not only do Dylan and Cassie connect on a purely sexual level, but they also connect on a more intimate level. Yes, they are immediately attracted to each other, but they have so much in common that I could see why they'd connect. For me, the cover of the book says it all. Dylan is a strong male character, but it was Cassie that brought him back to life and he desperately needed that. I'm truly looking forward to the next book in the Tryst series. Here's hopping Holt finally puts Bella in her place. *grin*
**If you saw my blog early Sunday morning, I apologize for my goof. Blogger and I had a misunderstanding. I wanted it to save and post this finished review. Blogger disagreed and never saved my original review. :-) **

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  1. Thank you for such a lovely review!!! I very much appreciate it.

    Now, back to work on Holt's story. ;)