Saturday, February 17, 2018

Survival Guide for the Romance Reader with No Internet

Hello friends! In my January's Last Month on the Blog post I briefly mentioned that I was without internet for a couple days towards the end of the month. While it was harrowing experience, I did come away with 4 survival guide tips for the romance reader who suddenly finds discovers they have no internet. Also applies to other genres...

1. Gather the necessary supplies: chocolate and your choice of drink.

Waking up bright and early only to discover the internet is off. To soften the shock, it's best consume chocolate and a beverage. Mine was an iced coffee, but I also suggest wine and hard liquor. You'll also need liquid courage when dealing with your internet provider because none of their ideas will work and it results in them sending out a technician. If you're lucky, it'll be the same day. If not, then it'll be a couple days. If that's the case, precede to step 2.

2. Search your e-reader for a book to read.

Surely something on your e-reader will get your attention. No? What about all of those free books you got from Amazon? Don't give me that look. You know what I'm talking about. There has to be something you want to read. Oh, that one sounds good. You should read it.

3. Search your library for a print book to read.

Seriously? Surely you can find another book on your e-reader. No? Then what about something from your print books? Don't give me that look! They aren't just for decoration. 

4. Go to the bookstore.

I give up! Go to the bookstore. Nobody will judge you. And if they do, just tell them you want to use the free WiFi. Bonus points if there is a coffee shop inside. Just don't go overboard. Who am I kidding? You're going to come home with 5 new books.

Yes, this is a tongue in cheek blog post. I did not go to the bookstore. Although I did plan to spend a few hours at Starbucks if we had to go until Friday before the internet tech could fix it (internet went out Monday morning). Luckily, it was an easy fix. Next time I'll be more prepared. The only downside was that I was unable to work on my blog and my cellular data went through the roof.

What do you like to do when you suddenly find yourself without internet? Do you reach for a book? Scream and rant? Let's chat!


  1. HA~I love this!! I had been out of work since November, so I had no internet since then, I can happily say that I am back to work and have my internet (and blog) but my favorite read for January -which was sooo appropriate is Jennifer Faye's Snowbound with and Heiress, though I haven't finished it yet as I was savoring the atosphere of both the weather and the book-make sense? Thanks for a great post!!

  2. Also, I use Xfinity's WIFI, did you know you can get a complimentary hour pass for free WIFI every month? It's true, I just bought a pass for $18.95 for 7 days of internet!! Just wanted to share..