Sunday, October 14, 2018

Currently Reading #1 - Probably Wasn't the Best Week to Start

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you wish you could hit that rewind button and do things differently? That explains these past 2 weeks to a tee. Personally, on the blog, and everything in between... This week sucked. Big time. For better or worse, I'm doing this. Honestly? It's mostly to get things off my chest. I hope you enjoy my first weekly/bi-weekly/monthly wrap-up. I still haven't quite decided how often I'll do this. So pardon me if I'm all over the place. 

This is partially inspired by Ezrah from I Heart Romance and Kimberly over at Caffeinated Reviewer. They are two of my favorite book bloggers. If you haven't checked them out, you totally should.

         Off the Blog          

October started off pretty friendly. Ezrah @ I Heart Romance and I went to the 2018 InD'Scribe Reader Rave Luncheon and book signing last Saturday. We had a blast meeting new people and all the authors. My favorite were Denise Grover Swank (whom I fangirl'd over) and Jill Shalvis. I'll chat more about our InD'Scribe adventures (including a hilarious swag story) this Tuesday.

This week, October decided to suck the wind out of my sails. It started with a mini blog slump. I did not have the inspiration or motivation to do anything blog wise. Then we lost internet twice. But the event that really hit hard was the sudden passing of my Aunt Patty. She's been sick off and on for the last several years until her death Wednesday night. We're okay right now. It hits me every so often that she's gone. Actually, it hit me the hardest as I was finishing up A Tall, Dark Cowboy Christmas. Reading a story where the heroine desperately wants a family and to be loved as I'm dealing with the sadness of losing my aunt made me cry so much. I needed it, though. It was a good cry and in a way, it felt like the heroine was there comforting me.

Mother Nature gave Southern California a gorgeous (and terrifying) lightning show Friday night. We very rarely get lightning like this so it was an interesting couple of hours. Then I went to a library book sale yesterday and found a couple goodies. 

Talk about a roller-coaster couple of weeks.

          On the Blog          



          Coming Soon          

With the exception of a blog tour post on Monday, this week is going to be pretty wide open. Here are some reviews that could be posted this week.

Ensnared by J.S. Scott
Honor Among SEALs by Dixie Lee Brown
Fair Trade by Lynda Aicher

          New to my Shelf          

{For Review}


          Let's Chat          

How is October treating you? Hopefully it's not a bunch of tricks. I hope to be more organized next time. Still not sure how often I'll be doing this kind of wrap-up, but I like it so far. Hopefully you are having a fabulous October so far. And I'll catch ya next time!

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