Sunday, July 1, 2018

Last Month on the Blog - June 2018

Hello friends! Happy 1st day of July. So much happened in June...

My dad and I had our last weekend trip to Laughlin, Nevada. My dad bowled in a Sunday travel league that sweeped in Laughlin twice a year. For those non-bowling folk, sweeps is a term for the last night of league bowling where you bowl for money. While he bowled, I was the league's sweep tech (I ran the computer program). My dad and I made the 5 hour drive twice a year since 2014. It was always a fun trip for us and I'm sad that it ended. He actually bowled really well this trip and ended the league off with a bang. He may join another travel league for us, but he's enjoying his Sunday smoking a little too much right now. That man loves his new smoker like I love a new book.

I also went to a lovely Saturday tea outing with a local Christie Caldwell book group. Met some lovely ladies. Drank some tasty chocolate tea. Ate some tasty scones. And I'm going back in a couple weeks with a couple friends of mine. 

Blog-wise... I passed 600 reviews!! #crazy I also stumbled a bit with all of the shenanigans. It was mostly going out of town for the weekend than put me a couple days behind. I felt like I spent the rest of June playing catch-up. It was so worth it, though. Let's take a look at June and what's coming up in July.

I missed a review day this month. It bothered me a bit, but at the end of the month I had 12 reviews posted and I was okay with it. Didn't stress about it. Just rescheduled it for July. It's all good.

Covers are linked to original blog posts.




Books I read in June and will be reviewed in July. I've been reading a lot of sexy romances lately.



Some of the books I have scheduled for July. Not a lot of arc's, so I'm thinking of spending the rest of July reading some of my previous arc books.



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