Sunday, March 4, 2018

February Challenge Update: How am I doing?

Hello friends! I'm back with my monthly How am I doing? challenge update, or as I like to call them mini monthly updates. As I mentioned last month, these monthly updates are designed to be a quick and simple way to keep myself motivated. I will be back next month with a more elaborate 3 month update. Until then, here's the progress I made in February.

Completed: 3 of 12+ Books

Not So New In Town by Michele Summers
Not Yet Reviewed

Completed: 3 of 21+ Books

Not So New In Town by Michele Summers

Completed: 14 of 21+ Books

Completed: 1 of 10+ Books

Completed: 13 of 100

Completed: 15 of 20

Walk-In Closet: Runaway Groom
Classic Car: Kiss Me, Sweetheart
Shovel: Survive the Night
Boots: Driving Whiskey Wild
Miscommunication: Maybe This Time
Small Town: The Color of Love
Secret Baby/Accidental Baby: Not So New In Town
Blizzard/Polar Region: Not Quite Crazy
City Streets: One More Promise

Completed: 6 of 11+

I think I'm doing pretty dang good... So far. The year is still young. :) How are you doing?

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