Sunday, September 30, 2018

Last Month on the Blog - September 2018

Happy Fall! This is one of my favorite times of the year... When the weather starts to cool down and it gets darker earlier each night. There's a crisp in the air and people are looking forward to the holidays. I'm excited for my upcoming craft fair in December. Things started to clear up on the blog. I'm finally through my blogging slump. I'm ready to tackle October.

Speaking of October, I'm going to start doing weekly or bi-weekly updates so I can focus on sharing my challenge progress in the monthly update. I haven't decide how often I'll update, but I'm looking forward to the change.

September was a blast. It brought smiles, laughs, and little Disney magic. On the 6th, my friend Ezrah and I spent the day at Disneyland. We had so much fun. We rode the rides, walked for what felt like miles, stuffed ourselves with food, and just had an amazing day.

Funny story time...

Our last ride of the day was Splash Mountain. We tried riding it twice before, but it was breaking down throughout the day. Got in line one last time and sure enough, it broke down. Since it was our last ride for the day, we decided to stick around and wait to see if the ride re-opened. It did. They tested it for several minutes before we got on. I volunteered to be in the last seat in the log, which turns out to be super awkward to get into. I stepped in with my right foot before stepping down on the seat with my left. Well, the seat was wet (they test the ride before re-opening and all the seats were wet) and my left foot shot out from under me and I landed hard on my ass. I couldn't stop laughing. Ezrah couldn't stop laughing. Should have been clue #1 that things were about to go way wrong. You may get wet, they say. I got drenched. From the first drop to the big drop, it was nothing but water flying at me. We didn't see the other people in our log, but out of me and Ezrah, I definitely got the brunt of it.

I came home with a bruised ego and memories that last a lifetime. I also picked up 2 new pins for my tiny collection. The first is one of Minnie and Daisy taking a selfie in front of the castle. Hmm, I wonder why I got that one. The second pin is Marie, which I got because it looks like my kitty Snowball. So much fun!!

The blogging slump is gone! Hooray!! It was towards the middle of the month that I had the breakthrough, so my review number is still a bit low. It is getting better and I'm excited to start tackling my backlog of reviews. I have a feeling October is going to be busy blog wise, so hopefully it'll continue to improve. Knock on wood...





Here are some of the review books I have coming up in October. It's going to be a crazy reading month, but I am so hyped for all the Christmas romances. Thank goodness I've already read 2 of the books.




What books did you read in September? What's on your October TBR? Any Halloween romances? Christmas?

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  1. Look at you go, you had a great month of reading and blogging! Looks like you had some Disneyland fun too. I hope October treats you just as well and that you get all of your ARC reading done. Happy reading, Crystal!